Concrete Worksurfaces

Concrete work surfaces are a unique, personal option because they are made from scratch for each client. To determine whether concrete is right for you, think about whether you believe that:

    · You want something unique and personalized
    · You want something that looks natural and has character
    · You appreciate high-quality, hand-crafted items
    · Granite is too shiny, too formal, increasingly common and becoming passé
    · Synthetic solid surface materials look and feel like plastic
    · You need a colour or visual texture that's not available with other countertop materials

If so, concrete countertops may be right for you.

Finesse Stone

We developed Finesse, in house, as a unique material for concrete surfaces. Wherever we have shown the material it has been warmly received by all and has inspired many to use our materials and skills on their projects.

Finesse may be used to make slabs that are then cut and shaped to the requirements of the project.
Finesse can also be used to cast a work surface in place and be finished in situ.

The cast – in –place material cannot be used for vertical work, due to its fluid nature, though a version may become available in the near future. We can fabricate thin panels for this work.
Finesse is a light coloured material so it can take a greater range of colour in the form of pigments. The use of correctly sized sands and other materials gives a very dense material with good strengths; the dense nature helps in improving the finish and may also contribute to better resistance to heat and to staining.
We can add decorative stones, and objects to Finesse to create almost limitless possibilities, something that cannot be done with many other materials, for example, stone.
The material was designed to be worked with the same tools used by stone masons and the material can be polished to a similar finish as granite should you so require.
Finesse can be hand finished or can be milled to produce edges, sink cut outs, drainer grooves etc.

We can apply different finishes according to the needs of the customer, for polished work we use a specialised agent that is an approved product for incidental food contact.
Maximim cast slab dimensions, for machining in our workshops are 2950 mm x 1100. For seamless cast in situ mixes the dimensions are not an issue.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

In addition we have also developed a version for flooring to compliment to work we do with work surfaces. For further information please look in the flooring section.
Rollout for the flooring is through 2009 , though we have areas for customers to view .


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